Digital Society

Inclusive, protected and sustainable
"Digitalization changes virtually every human activity - the way we communicate and interact, travel, work, produce goods or consume services, and the way we use resources. Forums should be organized to highlight good projects and practices and promote the benefits of the "friendship" between man and technology, which is a major stimulus for both IT professionals, who are the engine of the digital future, and consumers of advances in this field. "
Maria Gabriel

The digital society is characterized by the rapid and continuous development of information and communication technologies and the increasing access to the Internet, which inevitably leads to changes in all aspects of human life - economy, education, health services, ecology, culture and art, practices of the daily level.

There are changes in market structures, production, business models. There is talk of horizontal and vertical system integration, and new professions are emerging, the demand for highly skilled labour is increasing. The digital society, dealing with new mechanisms and tools, creates the need for innovative models of action, research and analysis. In production, the most challenging task is to be performed - the convergence between human qualities and the abilities of robots, particularly the full integration with artificial intelligence.

New technological solutions such as intelligent mobile applications, three-dimensional printing, cognitive systems, digital platforms, blockchain technologies, etc., are increasingly used. The advent of cloud technology, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence also raises security and trust issues in the virtual environment.

The digital world provides an opportunity to promote democratic values, increase civic participation, preserve cultural diversity, and protect human rights and freedoms.


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